ICCA Congress 2015

Buenos Aires, the birthplace of Tango
Buenos Aires has become one of the most suitable destinations to organize World Congresses, due to its economic and social situation. Often called “La Reina del Plata” (“The Queen of La Plata River”), Buenos Aires is one of the most important cities in the world, South America’s major cultural capital, and one of the political and economical centers of the region. Buenos Aires dazzles visitors with its unique beauty, which results from the combination of its history, traditions, culture and people. This vibrant city is active 24 hours a day. People call it “the city that never sleeps”- with its countless restaurants, bars, theatres, tanguerías, pubs, night clubs, museums, shopping centers, art galleries, and even a floating casino on the river. Buenos Aires combines modern and historical places; European culture with Latin American spirit, which results in a very unique and magical identity.

Buenos Aires is a very well connected destination from every corner of the world and it can be said that any city or country is one hop away, with over a total of 840 weekly flights from: 105 North American; 69 European; 24 African, Asian and Australian; and 642 Central and South American flights. All major international airline alliances are well represented by the main carriers flying daily into Buenos Aires. The flying time to Buenos Aires average is 12-14 hours and is the same as for any other destination in the southern hemisphere. Aerolineas Argentinas, our national flag carrier, joined Sky Team, along with 18 international airlines that reach 1000 destinations with 15000 daily flights to 187 countries. Social Programme - Buenos Aires Tigre Art.

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For more information about Buenos Aires and Argentina, please visit the website of
INPROTUR (National Institute of Tourism Promotion) and the Ministry of Tourism.