ICCA Congress 2015

Visa/Invitation letter

All participants must have a valid passport and/or an appropriate travel documents to enter Argentina. Some participants may also require a visa. Visas are the responsibility of individual delegates and must be obtained before traveling to Argentina.

All delegates are strongly encouraged to contact their local Argentinian Embassy or Consulate to verify the need of a visa to enter the country.

For complete information on entry into Argentina and visa requirements – including a list of countries requiring a visa – please visit the Argentinian Immigration Department website or the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture.

If you require a visa, it is strongly recommended that you apply at least three months in advance to ensure you receive your visa in time for travel.

To obtain a visa application form, visit the Argentina Embassy, High Commission, or Consulate nearest you.

If the Argentinian Embassy or Consulate requires a letter of invitation from ICCA, in order to provide a visa, please send an email request to registration@iccaworld.org, with the following information:

Passport Name
Passport Number

Date of issue

Date of expiry

Date of birth
Place of birth


Inbound Arrival Date

Outbound Departure Date


Reciprocity Fee

Reciprocity Tax is mandatory for all US, Australian and Canadian citizens.

The Argentine National Immigration Directorate(DNM) has launched a new online method of payment to enable payment of the reciprocity fee via credit card. Travellers can now pay this fee through the Provincia Pagos payment system.
US, Australian and Canadian citizens can pay the reciprocity fee before entering Argentina. Please follow the steps below.

How can I pay the Reciprocity Fee Online?

1. Please go to https://reciprocidad.provincianet.com.ar/ and sign up at the bottom of the page.
2. You will be directed to a new page and asked to enter your passport details.
3. Process the payment and print the receipt.