ICCA Congress 2015

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Official Congress hashtag: #ICCAWorld

Why not #ICCA15? 
We chose to use the #ICCAWORLD community hashtag for the ICCA Congress because:

  • The whole online ICCA community is involved
  • To make it simpler for members; members can use one hashtag to engage with the online ICCA community throughout the whole year
  • We are not the only ones using #icca15 for an event
Use #RoadtoArgentina to share images, tips and advice during your journey and preparations for the #ICCAWorld Congress in Buenos Aires.

We know lots of ICCA members have become great friends, or will make new friends, at the ICCA Congress. Remember the moments with your ICCA Friends at the Congress by taking a group picture and share it using hashtag #ICCAFriends. You could use an infamous “selfie stick”, so even more ICCA Friends fit in the picture! Post it on Twitter or Instagram using hashtag #ICCAFriends (and #ICCAWorld) or on the ICCA Congress event page on Facebook.



We encourage everyone to use social media as a way to add value to the ICCA Congress. Here are some tips for using the most popular social media channels:






Join the online conversation on Twitter using official ICCA community hashtag: #ICCAWorld. Follow @ICCAWorld and engage with the ICCA online community in the following ways:

  • Share the hottest content and key takeaways of ICCA Congress Sessions with the ICCA community, using #ICCAWorld
  • Search for #ICCAWorld and engage with other members
  • Ask the ICCA online community for advice
  • Share your ICCA activities
An #ICCAWorld Twitter feed will be shared on social media screens throughout the venues during the Congress.


Like the ICCAWorld Facebook page and share your pictures and videos by tagging the “ICCAWorld” page in your post. Join the "54th ICCA Congress" event page on Facebook to stay up date with the latest practical event updates.

Join the discussion and get advice from the experts in the official ICCA member-only LinkedIn group and follow the ICCA company page on LinkedIn.

Other social media channels: